About Us

CAHO is a not-for-profit body with the stated, primary goal of enabling quality initiatives in Indian healthcare settings. This is being done through focused courses, workshops and training programs for implementation of quality in healthcare, through annual events such as CAHOCON and CAHOTECH and periodic webinars by key industry leaders (www.caho.in/resource-centers).

CAHO is spreading the message of quality in healthcare at the grassroots level.The flagship CPQIH, CPQIL, CPHIC and CQP initiatives are all part of the bigger game plan to systematically infuse the idea of Quality at the bottom of the healthcare pyramid. While NABH- and NABL-accredited organizations form the core of its membership, other healthcare organizations desirous of joining the quality movement are also a part of CAHO. (www.caho.in/caho-membership)

CAHO engages you with a multitude of industry-specific educational activities.

CAHOTECH- The annual International healthcare technology conference provides a suite of technology based solutions to give maximum efficiency to its member hospitals. And is the only platform of its kind that brings together healthcare organizations and technology industry to share and utilize combined experience, to guide themselves continuously towards more efficient practices utilizing technological development.

It is an event comprising of compact series of presentations and discussion on various services available currently in different areas of healthcare, illustrating real use cases and change in efficiency they bring. Also includes, exhibition showcasing latest technology and products.

 First CAHOTECH was launched at ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad on 17th Sep, 2016.

CAHOTECH 2017 was held at National Institute of Advanced Studies, IISC Bangalore on 23rd Sep.

CAHOTECH 2018 was held at Royal Orchid Resort and Convention Centre, Bangalore on 29th September.

    The highlights of the conference will be -

  • Technological innovations in the areas of - Process efficiency/ Optimum utilisation, Enhancing Clinical or patient care, Empowering Patients
  • Sharing of experience towards technological innovations already functional in some partnering hospitals.
  • Assessment of newer technology and showcasing of promising startups
  • What does future hold for healthcare in India, Scientific projects, Indigenous technology, Panel discussions etc.
  • Industrial Revolution, Innovations from industries' point of view
  • Facilitating business discussions through a separate arm of vendors showcasing their latest technology and products. (Exhibition)