Day 3: Interconnected Healthcare Ecosystem

Day 3: Interconnected Healthcare Ecosystem

With estimates of over 50 billion connected devices in 2020, it seems logical for organizations to take advantage of the embryonic IoT technology. Technology
convergence has resulted in IoT emerging as one of the most impactful trends in the healthcare sectors as well.

A McKinsey study reveals that linking the physicaldigital worlds through IoT could spawn an economic value of up to $1.6 trillion globally in human health and wellness by 2025.

The changing technology makes it imperative for medical devices companies to quickly adapt their products and services. The value for healthcare lies in improving quality of life and extending healthy life spans for patients with chronic illnesses, and reducing cost of treatment. IoT provides the capability to predict events in device usage and take proactive action freeing up operational investments.

We bring solutions and services that address the changed expectations of product functionality and interoperability. For the medical devices sector, every
aspect of product engineering, manufacturing and support demands enhanced scrutiny and creative disruption.


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